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Give yourself peace of mind while overseas.

Health insurance for expatriates residing overseas

Individual health insurance policies are designed for individuals who are either self-employed in some capacity, or for someone who otherwise will not be obtaining health insurance through an employer. Due to the rising costs of medical care, it is becoming more important to provide health insurance for you and your families. Speak to an independent insurance broker regarding policies designed with overseas expatriates in mind. We offer health insurance programs to individuals which offer very extensive coverage as well as programs utilizing a high deductible, which are designed to protect against catastrophic financial losses.

Nobody can control their fate and illness can strike us all. Insurance is dead money, so the ideal situation is to get covered for as many illnesses as possible, for the lowest possible premium.

It is our job to make your application as stress free as possible, and make certain that you are covered for the geographical areas that you live in, and to only recommend you options that have an excellent record of paying out.

As an independent agency, we can provide insurance plans from numerous well-known and internationally respected health insurance companies. As insurance rates in the market change often, we are always looking for the most competitive rates from quality, service-oriented insurance companies.